Plenary meeting of the project ATLANTIC FUTURE

23 - 09:00h - 25 October 2013
LOCATION: Rabat, Morocco
ORGANIZED BY: Institut des Hautes Études de Management – CESEM and CIDOB


ATLANTIC FUTURE project, a collaboration project within the European Commission Seventh Framework Programme, coordinated by CIDOB, aims to investigate whether a new Atlantic space is emerging, focusing on the current and future dynamics of Atlantic relations in a changing global context. The aim of ATLANTIC FUTURE is to study the rationales of cooperation in the Atlantic area and to suggest strategies to the EU on how to engage with the wider transatlantic relationship in the context of the ongoing redistribution of power and the overall rebalancing of relations around and within the Atlantic space. Both positive factors, such as the opportunities for better management of shared resources, and negative ones, like the illegal flow of narcotics that harms the whole region, can be drivers for cooperation.

ATLANTIC FUTURE first plenary meeting will be held in Rabat, Morocco. All partners of the project will be present as well as representatives of the European Commission and members of the Scientific and Advisory Panel.


Plenary meeting of the project ATLANTIC FUTURE PERFORMED ACTIVITY