CIDOB European Conference: “Better Education and Mobility for Sustained Growth”

9 June 2014 - 09:30h
LOCATION: Centro Cultural Tarraconense, El Seminari, Tarragona
ORGANIZED BY: CIDOB with the support of the Europe for Citizens programme, the Diputació of Tarragona, the Port of Tarragona and REPSOL


The member states of the European Union have agreed on an ambitious Europe 2020 strategy, which seeks to deliver growth through more effective investments in education, research and innovation, as well as towards a low-carbon economy. In addition to this, the Commission has in the recent years proposed Single Market Act packages that seek to revive the integrative dynamics in the internal market with a view to creating more prosperity and more jobs in Europe.


The second edition of the European Conference entitled “Better Education and Mobility for Sustained Growth” will ask if the European countries are doing enough to return to sustained economic growth. Two crucial areas for achieving this ambitious goal will be specifically targeted: the relationship between education and growth and the interconnectedness of the European single market.

With a profound economic background, this event has been particularly tailored to become a useful tool for entrepreneurs and other business professionals. With the participation of policy and decision-makers and experts, the event provides a platform for ideas for strategic development in Europe.

CIDOB (Barcelona Centre for International Affairs) seeks to reinforce stable ties amongst the Spanish and Catalan civil societies, and the European institutions. In this context, Tarragona is the ideal place for hosting this annual Policy conference.

The European Conference will be organized in the format of an one-day seminar, divided into an introductory opening session, two thematic panels and a working lunch.

The opening session will set the background for thematic panels by giving an introduction to the issues at stake, focusing on the general framework of EU-level initiatives for achieving growth.
The first panel will be devoted to the physical infrastructure, in particular to the interconnectivity of the European train, air and maritime networks. Focusing specifically on the Mediterranean, the panelists will ask what needs to be done to create more business opportunities.

The second panel will be devoted to education standards in Europe in general, and Spain in particular. A more flexible labour market is crucial in the times of crisis, since there is a robust relation between the cognitive skills of the population and long-run economic growth. However, the recent OECD/European Commission study on adult skills showed serious discrepancies as regards as such basic skills as literacy, numeracy and problem solving within the EU.

The working lunch will be devoted to how to improve the business environment in Spain and in the EU. Cutting red tape and reducing regulatory burden is one of the aims of the Europe 2020 strategy, allowing for the European enterprises to be more competitive both inside the EU and on a global scale but here is a lot of work still to be done in this area.

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CIDOB European Conference: “Better Education and Mobility for Sustained Growth” PERFORMED ACTIVITY