Project Managers

  • Moussa Bourekba

    Moussa BOUREKBA


    Moussa Bourekba is Researcher at the Barcelona Centre for International Affairs (CIDOB) and Associate Professor in International Relations at Ramon Llull University (Barcelona). Prior to joining CIDOB, he was Junior Research Fellow at the European Institute of the Mediterranean (IEMed, Barcelona). He also worked as a consultant for the French Institute of International Relations (IFRI, Brussels). At CIDOB, after three years as Project Manager for SAHWA (, an EU-funded project that aims at analysing youth conditions and expectations in the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean region, he now focuses on processes of radicalisation, violent extremism in Europe and North Africa, and Islam in Western countries. His main areas of interest are: Arab youth, violent extremism, Islam in Western countries. He speaks French, English, Spanish and Arabic.

  • Paula de Castro Bonilla



     Graduated in Humanities from the Pompeu Fabra University, she holds a Master´s in International Relations from the Institut Barcelona d’Estudis Internacionals (IBEI). Specializing in peace and international security, she currently acts as Project Manager of the Atlantic Future’s Project – a project funded by the EU’s 7th Framework Programme. She previously served as Assistant Project Manager of the initiative “The Northern Africa Security Continuum: The Dynamics of Instability and the Search for Effective Responses” co-directed by the Barcelona Centre for International Affairs (CIDOB) and the Stimson Centre of Washington, DC. Her work experience includes acting as an assistant analyst on political and security issues at Spain’s Ministry of Defence, in the Division of Strategic and Security Issues, where she was also a Ministry representative at the European Union project about Open-Sources Intelligence (OSINT). She has collaborated with the European Council on Foreign Relations in Madrid in the publication of the “European Foreign Policy Scorecard 2014”.  She has also worked in the production of a documentary for the public television in Colombia, “Jaime Garzón, Especial”, which has been awarded the India Catalina awards 2015 in Colombia for the best journalistic production of 2014. Recently she has been named a 2015-2016 Marshall Memorial Fellow by The German Marshall Fund of the United States.  Her professional areas of focus include foreign policy analysis, international security and transatlantic relations.

  • Clara Créixams

    Clara CRÉIXAMS

    Project Coordinator

    She has a degree in Psychology from the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) and a graduate from the University Ramon Llull (URL) on systemic social intervention. After several years in private business, she entered the field of socio-economic studies as a Project Manager on the third sector in the Observatori del Tercer Sector. She was later on a consultant on social services at Impuls al Benestar and a Project Manager at CIREM Foundation and UAB, where she specialized in European and international projects, with a special focus on research project funded by the European Commission (7th Framework Programme).

  • Francesc Fàbregues

    Francesc FÀBREGUES

    Project Manager

    Graduate in Philosophy from the Autonomous University of Barcelona and Master's in International Relations from CIDOB; his dissertation focused on human rights in the agreements between the EU and Turkey, his main areas of interest are: Spain's foreign relations, Euro-Mediterranean relations and Turkey's progress toward becoming an EU member, analysis of international conflicts and the United Nations system. He has participated in international missions as an electoral observer, and has acted as adviser to the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights. He is the coordinator of the CIDOB International Yearbook and the Immigration in Spain Yearbook.

  • Oriol Farrés

    Oriol FARRÉS

    Project Manager

    Graduate in Political Science, specializing in International Relations (Autonomous University of Barcelona), he has taught East Asia Studies at the Open University of Catalonia. He has been a research assistant on CIDOB's Asia Program since 2009. His main areas of interest are: comparative politics and conflict analysis, with particular emphasis on the Asia-Pacific region. In 2014 obtained a Degree in Data Visualization from Universitat Pompeu Fabra. He is member of the team involved in the Atlantic Future Project (EU funded project under the FP7 Framework). He is co-coordinator of CIDOB’s International Yearbook. Between 2004 and 2013 he was coordinator of the Asia Pacific Yearbook, a book coedited by CIDOB, Casa Asia and the Royal Elcano Institute.

  • Maria Orobitg

    Maria OROBITG

    Project Manager

    Degree in Economics by the EUS Programme of the University of Barcelona (UB), ‘Cercle d’Economia’ and the Bosch i Gimpera Foundation and Diploma in Integrative Systemic Solutions by the ‘Beth Institut für Systemische Beratung Coaching und Systemausftellungen’ (2014). With specific experience in European, Mediterranean, Latinamerican and Asian countries, she holds a sound experience working for the Consortium for the Trade Promotion of Catalonia (COPCA) (1995–2009) and the health Research Institute of Vall d’Hebron (VHIR) preparing proposals and managing projects financed by the EC programs and tenders (EuropeAid, DG Enlargement, DG Enterprise, DG Research and Innovation) and other multilateral organisations (UNDP, IDB, CAF) and bilateral organisations (ACCD, AECID, NIH) in the fields of Development Cooperation, Business Cooperation and Health research. She was Coordinator of the merging process and legal management of ACCIÓ Catalonian Competitiveness Agency’s international network of 35 Trade and Investment offices (31 countries) (2009–2013). Afterwards, she participated in the preparation of the Strategic Plan  2016–2020 of the health Research Institute of Vall d’Hebron (VHIR) (2015) and prepared its Internationalization Strategy according to its Strategic Plan (2016). She has lectured at the Masters Degree in EU Policies and Development Cooperation at the Institute of European Studies (IUEE) of the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB).