Master Plan 2018-2021


Through the 2018-2021 Master Plan, CIDOB aims to become a centre of excellence, as well as an internationally-renowned think tank. To that end, this Plan envisages the reinforcement and consolidation of the research team and the introduction of research quality assessment sys­tems based on objective indicators that are internationally recognised in the field of social sciences. Furthermore, in order to be a useful instrument for society, CIDOB must offer analytical tools, analyse and anticipate international trends, as well as provide information and support for decision-making processes in the political and economic spheres.  

The themes that currently concern ordinary citizens have been included among CIDOB’s objectives as priority issues. Therefore, for instance, CIDOB should engage in the reflection on the political and economic impacts of the crisis, participate in the debates on whether Catalonia’s secession from Spain would be compatible with European integration, and analyse how it would fit into the international system. These themes are integrated into CIDOB’s established agenda within the framework of an international, comparative, prospective, and plural perspective. 

Founded in Barcelona, CIDOB has a long tradition of carrying out projects that impact the local sphere; the organisation’s activities thus strongly identify with the international projection of the city and the local bodies. At the same time, CIDOB’s activities focus on Catalonia and its interests, on Mediterranean links, on an international projection from Spain, as well as on the European con­text –always from an international perspective.

>> Revised and approved at Board of January 30, 2018

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