CIDOB Master Plan

CIDOB is a research centre that, through excellence and relevance, seeks to analyse the global issues that affect political, social and governance dynamics, from the international to the local.

As a recognised independent institution with a long history, CIDOB pursues excellence and rigour in its analysis, publications and projects. It aims to be a useful tool for society, to ensure open access to knowledge and to promote the study of the international issues that affect citizens' daily lives. CIDOB seeks relevance and social impact for its research and attends to public institutions’ needs and requests for international information, aiming to influence decision-making processes and provide alternative visions.

CIDOB also promotes innovation in the analysis of global politics, with the aim of transcending classical international relations structures and considering the growing impact of global phenomena on local realities. Innovation in research also involves opening up new lines of research to keep pace with current social transformations.

From Barcelona, CIDOB analyses the influence of the international on the local and the definition and construction of the international from the local. Thematic relevance and the analysis of aspects of the international agenda that prompt greatest interest in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain and Europe prevail in its publications and activities.

CIDOB also seeks to mobilise a large number of social actors, to reach new audiences and to network with public institutions and civil society. Its objective is to continue being a leading European and international centre for the study of global politics, as well as a meeting point and window to the world.   

>> Master Plan approved at CIDOB’s Board meeting on November 30, 2021