CIDOB board is composed of institutions and individual members which meet twice a year

Institutional Members

Individual Members

  • Mr. Antoni Segura, Chairman of the Board

  • Mr. Roger Albinyana, Director of Euro-Mediterranean Policies Department at IEMed

  • Mr. Jordi Bacaria i Colom, Professor of Applied Economics at the Autonomous University of Barcelona and Director of CIDOB (July 2013 to September 2018)

  • Mr. Alejandro Colldefors Bergnes de las Casas, President of the Spanish High Speed Consortium Meca Medina (CEAVMM)

  • Mr. Gabriel Colomé i Garcia, Professor of Political Science at the Autonomous University of Barcelona

  • Mercè Conesa, President of the Port of Barcelona (2018-2021).

  • Mr. Antón Costas, President of the Spanish Economic and Social Council

  • Ms. Dolors Folch, Sinologist and Emeritus Professor at the Pompeu Fabra University

  • Mr. Jacint Jordana, Director of the IBEI

  • Ms. Pastora Martínez Samper, Vice President for Globalization and Cooperation, UOC

  • Ms. Carmen Moliné, Member of CIDOB, Partner at ML Advocats i Economistes Associats and Treasurer of the Catalan Council of the European Movement

  • Mr. Albert Roca, Professor of Anthropology at the University of Lleida

  • Mr. Felip Roca, Director of International Relations of the Barcelona City Council

  • Mr. Javier Solana, Honorary Chairman of the Board

  • Ms. Anna Terrón, Director of the FIIAPP

  • Mr. Lluís Torner, Director of The Institute of Photonic Sciences

  • Mr. Joan Manuel Tresserras, President of the Fundació Josep Irla