Rethinking realities: transverse lines of debates

Publication date:
Lars Krogh y Martin Savransky

In this text we offer a reflection organized and constructed from the dialogue and interventions among different speakers and participants during the first European Trail Symposium held in CIDOB, Barcelona, 18th of June 2010. And, as a dialogue held by many participants, this reflection starts from a transversal condition that structures its form and its matter: plurality. There is a plurality of voices, of perspectives, of interrelated topics and discussions, but it is also very much about ‘plurality’, of thought, of meaning, of relating, of culture. And significantly so, ‘time‘ also becomes plural within this dialogue/debate, for in trying to account for questions such as "what does it mean to be European?", "what does it take to build a European Identity?", "is it something we should desire?", "might Europe become an Intercultural project?", "what might be gained from such a project and what is there to be lost?", etc., different times and temporal perspectives were to be introduced within the debate.