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Yolanda Onghena ; Alvise Vianello

This publication contains all the papers and lectures presented at the V Training Seminar for Young Researchers in Intercultural Dynamics (FJIDI) of CIDOBwhich, under the title "Knowledge Policies and intercultural dynamics: actions, innovations, transformations", took place in Barcelona between December 14-16, 2011.

The Forum was created in 2004 as a meeting place for doctoral students under the framework of the Intercultural Dynamics Programme of CIDOB. It aims to create an open space for the exchange of ideas and research tools, made by and for researchers working in the field of intercultural dynamics from multiple disciplinary perspectives. The proposal to establish an annual meeting emerged at the Forum itself in 2006, after two years of collaboration and common reflection workshops.

The thematic areas chosen by the young researchers are discussed and debated throughout the year, culminating in the Training Seminar. The first such Seminar, "The politics of the diverse: production, recognition or appropriation of cultural aspects?", questioned identities and imaginaries as intercultural practice in the search for new spaces of negotiation and new tools for investigation. The second edition, "The dynamics of contact: mobility, encounters and conflicts in intercultural relations," examined the subject of spaces of contact, as well as the dynamics that are established within them, delving deeper into issues of conflict negotiation and into strategies of transforming the uncertainty of contact into known codes. The third edition continued in the same research trajectory and approached the issue of the acceleration of mobility and, consequently, of the exchange between people. From this perspective, we analyzed the relationship between culture and politics to reflect on the meaning of cultural democracy.