Intersecting relations of power and difference in anti-racist activist research 77

Publication date:
Alexandra Zavos

Taking up the invitation of feminist theorist Patti Lather to “rethink practices of feminist methodology” in order to address “the complications that knowledge projects engender regarding the politics of knowledge”, in this paper I reflect on issues of authority and power confronting the researcher, and the uses to which this power is put, by considering the complex modality of doing activist research in a political context. For this purpose, I use my own experiences of working on women migrants’ rights issues with a leftist anti-racist group in Athens, anonymized as ‘Support Action’. Based on the work of setting up a ‘gender and migration’ initiative in ‘Support Action’, I trace the gendered and racialized interpellations that shaped political relationships between myself and other Greek and migrant activists, and highlight some of the complications and displacements that ensued.