«I is other»: Splitting as a strategy for approaching research that includes one’s own experience

Publication date:
Alba Marina González Smeja

This text is derived from the ongoing doctoral thesis titled Salsa nómada. Estudio etnográfico sobre los espacios musicales, bailables e itinerantes de la salsa brava en Barcelona [Nomadic salsa. Ethnographic study of the musical, danceable and itinerant salsa brava spaces in Barcelona].

Will begin by presenting a brief conceptualisation of salsa brava and describing the existing salsa scenes in Barcelona, which will then provide me with more tools for establishing analogies between the researched Other and the otherness that salsa brava represents in Barcelona. Iwill then go on to explain a few of the analytical categories that are used as theoretical supports for this research, and which suggest the presence of an explicit Other and Others in terms of splitting as a methodological strategy. Finally, Iwill present a summary and a bibliography of the text.