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Eva Garcia-Chueca, Senior Research Fellow and Scientific Coordinator of the Global Cities Programme, CIDOB and Lorenzo Vidal, Researcher and Project manager, CIDOB

How can the set of rights that underpin the notion of the “right to the city” be advanced? In seeking answers to this question over several decades, social mobilisations have been assembled and new political and legal frameworks promoted, especially in Latin America (where the cases of Brazil, Ecuador and Colombia stand out), but also in Europe and at global level (PGDC, 2014). This has been shown, for example, by the New Urban Agenda adopted in 2016 by the United Nations, or by the Municipalist Declaration of Local Governments for the Right to Housing and the Right to the City, approved in 2018 under the leadership of the city of Barcelona and the auspices of United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG).