The first results of the content analysis of the media in the course of migration crisis in Hungary

Data de publicació:
Endre Sik and Bori Simonovits

After a brief and critical overview of the methodological basis of the research on the role of media in the politicization process of the migration crisis, we came to the conclusion that our knowledge is often based on analyses using rather unreliable methodology. As an illustration of a better solution we created a large dataset from online articles published in Hungary between January 2015 and April 2018, and carried out an analysis of prevalence and some aspects of the content of the politicization process. With this exercise we intended to set an example for EU authorities why to create a proper dataset to follow the mediatized form of the policicization processes would be useful. At the end of the case study, to demonstrate the essence of our approach for more methodology-sensitive Readers we briefly defined the basic terms we used, and in the Appendices we summarized the main characteristics of the research design and the dataset we constructed.

Keywords: Hungary, politicization, content analysis, migration discourse, moral panic button