Pakistan & The Regional Powers: An Overview of 2013

Pakistan & The Regional Powers: An Overview of 2013

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Fahd Humayun, Project Manager, Strategic Security Initiative, Jinnah Institute, Islamabad

Policy Research Papers

December 2013

‘Pakistan & the Regional Powers: An Overview of 2013’ is a report by the Jinnah Institute (JI), commissioned under the Barcelona Centre for International Affairs (CIDOB)’s “Sources of Tension in Afghanistan and Pakistan: Regional Perspectives” policy research project. The Jinnah Institute is an independent think-tank that promotes knowledge-based policy making to strengthen democratic institutions in Pakistan, and builds public stakes in the human and national security discourse through dialogue, outreach and research.

The following overview is an analysis of developments in Pakistan and the region in 2013, drawn from the content of the quarterly Monitoring Briefs commissioned under the STAP RP to the JI over the course of the year. The Briefs are based on the issues identified in the STAP RP’s Mapping Document, specifically, the key sources of domestic tensions that also have regional implications: governance; socio-economic issues; the conflict in Afghanistan; ethnicity and sectarianism; radicalisation and. In addition, the Briefs review Pakistan’s bilateral relations with India, China, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Russia.

This Overview Report analyses trends and highlights their implications in the region that forms Pakistan’s immediate neighbourhood. The reports also discuss progress in ongoing bilateral and multilateral dialogues in the region, as well as the impact of multi-track diplomacy on sources of conflict and tension, as per the STAP RP’s areas of focus. The development of new regional organisations as platforms for dialogue, new strategic alliances, local and regional security challenges that potentially allow a broader understanding of Pakistan’s security compulsions and choices are also discussed. The analysis in the following sections identifies the broad identifiable trends that characterise Pakistan’s domestic as well as external environment in 2013, and offers a starting point for policy forecasts for the immediate future.