Youth Policies in the Arab Mediterranean Region

Next May 16-18, the American University in Cairo FORUM (AUC FORUM), the Egyptian partner of the SAHWA Project, will host the fifth SAHWA plenary meeting in Cairo. This meeting will consist in two public events and a steering committee meeting.

18 de maig 2016 - 08:45h
LOCALITZACIÓ: Oriental Hall, AUC Tahrir Square, Cairo, Egypt


On Wednesday 18 May two roundtables will be held: the first one, entitled “Education, Employment and Social Exclusion: Towards more Inclusive Policies?” will be moderated by SAHWA Ethnographic Fieldwork Coordinator in Algeria Dr. Kamel Boucherf from the Centre de Recherche en Economie Appliquée pour le Développement (Algeria) while the second one will deal with Public Policies and International Cooperation in Arab Mediterranean  will be moderated by Dr. Özgehan Senyuva from the Middle East Technical University (Ankara). This event will be open to public.


>> More information at: SAHWA Project and AUC FORUM


Youth Policies in the Arab Mediterranean Region ACTIVITAT REALITZADA