Unresolved issues: assignments for the North and South

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Ian Lesser

The topic of the presentation that is indicated in the program is unresolved issues on a North-South axis, and I think it is an extremely good way to describe this presentation because most of the issues that we would discuss in a North-South security context are, in fact, unresolved. Some of them may even be unresolvable. To begin with, there’s the question of dialogue. And I assume in this case you know we’re simply asking the question: if we are going to be considering the North-South dimension (the Mediterranean dimension) of European security more seriously in the future, if we are going to be talking to countries on the southern and eastern shores of the Mediterranean about security, the question is –what are we going to talk to them about? So, what I thought I would do is simply offer you four assertions, four hypotheses about the content of the security problem and the content of the dialogue.