The revitalisation of NATO and European security

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Nicholas Williams

Since I have been involved directly in the Mediterranean dialogue with countries from North Africa and NATO, and since the Mediterranean is becoming quite important in arrangements for European security, which includes the input of the Western European Union, I thought you might be interested in some of the details between NATO and the countries there. And, in particular, I’d like touch upon the point that has been made by others about the difficulty of understanding. I agree with most of the analysis that has been made at this conference about the development of the European Security and Defense Identity (ESDI) and many of the problems and the barriers about developing it. And though I agree with John Roper that progress towards developing an ESDI within NATO is now being made, I am aware that there is a certain lack of credibility in saying that for the simple reason that if you look back at NATO statements over the past few years, you will see that we’re always ‘making progress’. And so what’s the difference between the progress we’re making now and the progress we seemed to be making in the past? Well, all I can say is that this time round it’s the truth – we are making progress.