Migration processes have become one of the main drivers of the most important social, political and cultural transformations in our societies. The phenomena of transnationalism and integration are part of the nature of migratory movements and have special relevance in the countries of the European Union. Addressing the issue of immigration requires an intense and urgent effort to learn, design conceptual frameworks and institutional and policy innovation to face the challenges posed from both the macro and micro levels. In this context, the analysis from a governance perspective is of particular interest given the complexity and variety of actors and levels involved in the phenomenon.

The Migration Programme aims to contribute to the development of discussions and research on the migratory phenomena, with special emphasis on policy analysis and taking as reference the European Union. The CIDOB Migration Programme is composed of a team of researchers and project managers. In addition, it collaborates with guest researchers from other centres both at the national and international level, who regularly take part in the work carried out under this program.