Perspectivas de cambio en la política exterior estadounidense en el Mediterráneo y en Oriente Medio

Publication date:
Ricard González Samaranch

Documentos CIDOB Mediterráneo, n.º 15

The fact that Barack Obama has been elected President of the United States has generated great expectations for change both within the USA and throughout the rest of the world. The Middle East and the Mediterranean is likely to be the region that experiences the greatest changes in US foreign policy, as it is widely believed in Washington that this area was one of President Bush's great failures. Three months after his investiture, Obama's team is still drawing up its policy toward the region, and it is not yet completely clear how profound the change in approach to the area will be. Powerful lobbies and inertias exist that influence US foreign policy, and which it would be difficult to break with. In any case, the new scenario represents a challenge for the European Union and Spain, as new channels of collaboration with the United States will be opening up in the region that must be taken full advantage of.

Key words: United States, Middle East, Mediterranean, foreign policy

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ISSN: 1887-1801 (on-line edition)