CIDOB - [ 12/05/2008 ]

New director for the CIDOB Foundation

During yesterday's meeting at the CIDOB Foundation, the Board approved the request by President Narcís Serra that Jordi Vaquer i Fanés should become the new Director of the CIDOB Foundation, a decision that will take immediate effect as from today.

Jordi Vaquer has a Doctorate in International Relations (London School of Economics and Political Science, United Kingdom), a Master's in European Studies (College of Europe, Bruges, Belgium) and is an expert in Spanish-Moroccan relations. Since 1999, he has worked as a civil servant in the special services area of the Department of Foreign Affairs of the Generalitat, where he was appointed Office Manager for International Relations in 2006. In 2007, he joined the CIDOB Foundation as Coordinator of the Europe Programme, a post that he held until yesterday. Jordi Vaquer is the scientific coordinator of the EU4SEAS project, a research network involving partners in eight European states, and which was created for the purpose of studying cooperation in and around the Black Sea, the Baltic, the Caspian and Mediterranean. The project is funded by the EU's 7th framework research programme.

Narcís Serra , President de Fundació CIDOB, had this to say about the new Director: "Jordi Vaquer's experience in the Department of Foreign Affairs of the Generalitat, in addition to his solid academic background, represent a guarantee of his ability to lead the CIDOB team in our efforts to understand the complex international situation in which we live today. The new world scenario of economic crisis, the emergence of world powers and new challenges to security all demand a rigorous analysis and a greater capacity to generate ideas and proposals in this new phase, under a new directorship".

Josep Ribera , the outgoing Director and Founder of the CIDOB Foundation, has made the decision to step down after more than 30 years at the head of the Foundation.

Based in Barcelona, the CIDOB Foundation is an independent research centre and think-tank oriented toward political action on international issues. It was founded in 1973 as the Centro de Información y Documentación Internacionales en Barcelona (Centre for International Information and Documentation in Barcelona), and became an official Foundation in 1979. Currently, the CIDOB Foundation is the oldest of the think-tanks dedicated entirely to Spain's international relations, and has become one of the largest and most influential of such bodies. The Foundation's objective is to be a referential framework within the field of international research and development carried out in our country, as well as to generate ideas and activities that consolidate the idea of belonging to a global community, and to make specific proposals for action and transformation in international relations. Backed by a wide range of public institutions, the CIDOB Foundation aims to be of use to all the actors in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain and the European Union that have an impact abroad.

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