The CIDOB programmes are the fruit of reflection groups, made up of scholars, politicians, professionals and business people who meet two times per year and identify the important topics and the political agendas relevant to their spheres. On this basis, responsible reports, articles and presentations by experts on the subject.

The programme produce seminars and international meetings, as well as publications and courses, in which experts and researchers disseminate their work. The activities are preferentially framed within a working network, either at the Spanish level or an international level.

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  • Mediterranean and Middle East - [22/07/2014]

    España-Marruecos: más allá de las relaciones diplomáticas y económicas

    La tercera visita al extranjero del nuevo rey Felipe VI, a Marruecos, tras las realizadas al Vaticano y a Portugal, ha servido para certificar el......

  • Security and World Politics - [22/07/2014]

    Setenta años de Bretton Woods: jubilación o cambio

    Este mes de julio se cumplen los setenta años de la reunión que tuvo lugar en Bretton Woods entre el 1 y el 22 de julio de 1944 en el contexto de......

  • Europe - [18/07/2014]

    British Exit from Europe is Unlikely

    Huge efforts at damage limitation quickly followed in the footsteps of the British Prime Minister’s “historic humiliation” -Financial Times dixit–......

  • Latin America - [17/07/2014]

    Dos partidos aún en juego para Argentina

    Argentina ha vivido un mes de mundial y ahora todo vuelve a la normalidad. La fiebre por las expectativas futbolísticas poseía tal entidad en Arge......

  • Mediterranean and Middle East - [08/07/2014]

    The false democratic transition of al-Sisi

    When, after only a year, General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi deposed the rais Mohamed Morsi, putting an end to a year-long Islamist experiment in Egypt,......

  • Mediterranean and Middle East - [01/07/2014]

    The Middle East Maelstrom

    During the surge of 150,000 US troops into Iraq which George W. Bush’s administration ordered in 2006 to quell the sectarian violence, the then se......