The CIDOB programmes are the fruit of reflection groups, made up of scholars, politicians, professionals and business people who meet two times per year and identify the important topics and the political agendas relevant to their spheres. On this basis, responsible reports, articles and presentations by experts on the subject.

The programme produce seminars and international meetings, as well as publications and courses, in which experts and researchers disseminate their work. The activities are preferentially framed within a working network, either at the Spanish level or an international level.

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  • Europe - [27/01/2015]

    France's deep Identity Crisis

    After Napoleon’s final defeat in 1815, France began to search its soul about its loss of dominance in Europe but remained proud of its culture and......

  • Europe - [23/01/2015]

    France "is Charlie", but for how long?

    "We are Charlie". So goes the message of unity we may take from the Place de la République in Paris on Sunday 11th January. As a result of the hun......

  • Europe - [22/01/2015]

    Greece: its European elections

    The Greeks are worried about the EU and the EU is worried about Greece. The attention the rest of Europe is giving to Greek politics is a clear de......

  • Intercultural Dynamics - [20/01/2015]

    La respuesta que le hubiera gustado escuchar a Ulrich Beck

    La muerte de Ulrich Beck nos deja huérfanos de aquella mirada siempre lúcida y especial que podíamos descubrir en cada artículo suyo o en aquella......

  • Asia - [15/01/2015]

    China in Africa: New Perspectives on Development

    Times are changing in Africa. After two decades of poor developmental records, since the beginning of this century the prospects for many African......

  • Security and World Politics - [15/01/2015]

    Elections and Peace in Africa: Perspectives for 2015

    2015 promises to be a record election year for Africa because 17 African countries have scheduled national elections. In the last decades almost a......