The CIDOB programmes are the fruit of reflection groups, made up of scholars, politicians, professionals and business people who meet two times per year and identify the important topics and the political agendas relevant to their spheres. On this basis, responsible reports, articles and presentations by experts on the subject.

The programme produce seminars and international meetings, as well as publications and courses, in which experts and researchers disseminate their work. The activities are preferentially framed within a working network, either at the Spanish level or an international level.

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  • Europe - [19/09/2014]

    Mogherini's Challenge

    Federica Mogherini should be satisfied, and indeed she looks very happy: her path to the job of High Representative, the EU foreign policy chief,......

  • Mediterranean and Middle East - [18/09/2014]

    Extra-Territorial Voting in Turkey: Lessons Learnt

    For the first time in history, on 10 August 2014, the president of Turkey has been elected by the citizens rather than by the Members of the Parli......

  • Europe - [17/09/2014]

    Las claves del referéndum escocés

    Después de trescientos años de unión política, el Reino Unido se enfrenta a la posibilidad de que una de sus partes fundacionales y más emblemátic......

  • Mediterranean and Middle East - [16/09/2014]

    Gaza: Back to the Status Quo

    As Ban Ki-moon said, “any peace effort that does not tackle the root causes of the crisis will do little more than set the stage for the next cycl......

  • Europe - [15/09/2014]

    Un otoño decisivo para Ucrania

    El destino de Ucrania está en juego. Y las próximas seis semanas serán decisivas. Las negociaciones con Rusia –en un contexto marcado por la fragi......

  • Europe - [15/09/2014]

    A yes Vote will Truncate the United Kingdom

    Are the United Kingdom and Europe sleepwalking into a crisis whose consequences will be far reaching and unpredictable? If Scotland decides to go......