• Antoni Segura

    Antoni SEGURA


    Professor of Contemporary History at the University of Barcelona (UB) and Director of the Centre for International Historical Studies at the University of Barcelona (UB) till September 2016. Specialized in conflict analysis, he has authored and edited numerous books and research articles: Más allá del islam (Alianza Editorial, Madrid, 2001); Aproximació al món islàmic. Des dels orígens fins als nostres dies (Edicions UOC - Pòrtic, Barcelona, 2002); Irak en la encrucijada (RBA, Madrid, 2003); Senyors i vassalls del segle XXI (La Campana, Barcelona, 2004); Euskadi: crònica d’una desesperança (L’Avenç, Barcelona, 2009); Hablemos de reconciliación (Universitat de Barcelona, 2013); “The Spanish Transition and the Arab Spring” Euromesco paper, 12 (IEMED, Barcelona, 2012); Estados Unidos, el islam y el nuevo orden mundial (2013); y Soldiers, Bombs and Rifles: Military History of the 20th Century (2013); «From Cold War to Asymmetric Conflicts: Players, Values ​​and Characteristics of Wars in the Second Half of 20th Century (1945-2012)» (2013); «Els orígens d'Estat Islàmic» (2015); «La crisi dels refugiats i els nous conflictes armats» (2016); «Del Acuerdo Sykes-Picot al Estado Islámico» (2016), «The End of two-party system in Spain?» (2016) y «L’ascens de l’extrema dreta i l’amenaça de la islamofòbia» (2016).  He is a member of the Advisory Board of the Institute of the Mediterranean (IEMed). He has been a member of the Advisory Board of Casa Árabe- International Institute of Arabic Studies and the Muslim World (2006-2012), and a member of the Governing Body of the Catalan International Institute for Peace (ICIP) (2008-2011). He is the Director of the journal Índice Histórico Español. He has been commissioned several exhibitions about the Republic, the Civil War in Catalonia and Spain, the Arab World and Islam. He has been a guest lecturer in various Spanish and international universities and institutions. He regularly appears on various media (press, radio and television). 

  • Jordi Bacaria i Colom


    Director of CIDOB. Senior Research Fellow

    Professor of Applied Economics at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB), where he was dean of the Faculty of Economics (1986-1988), director of the Institute for European Studies (1988-1992, 1994-2000) and coordinator of the Doctoral Program in International Relations and European Integration (2000-2009).He is also director of the journal “Foreign Affairs Latinoamérica" published in Mexico and a member of FEMISE (Euro-Mediterranean Forum of Economic Science Institutes). From 2000 to 2013, he was co-director of the Institute for European Integration Studies in Mexico, an institution funded by the European Commission and the Autonomous Technological Institute of Mexico. He is the author of over a hundred publications (articles, book chapters and books) on economic integration, Latin America, Mediterranean economy, monetary institutions and public choice.



    Executive coordinator

    Graduate in Economics and Master’s in European Economy from the College of Europe in Bruges. She was director of the Tarragona Delegation of the Patronat Català Pro Europa, and subsequently became the first director of the Agència Catalana de Cooperació al Desenvolupament. She is a member of the board of the Liga Europea de Cooperación Económica and the Institut Catalunya Àfrica. Her areas of interest are: European integration and decentralised cooperation.