6th Seminar on Immigration and Europe. Global challenges, local answers. Policies on immigration and integration and local action in the European Union

December. 11. 2008
10:00 hrs
CIDOB Foundation. C/ Elisabets, 12. 08001 Barcelona.
Organised by:
Migrations Programme of the CIDOB Foundation

11-12 December

It is on the local stage where the global phenomenon of immigration ends up manifesting itself, and it is the administrations with the greatest proximity to citizens who have to find answers to deal with a challenge that is increasing diversity and plurality in local societies. This year, the 6th Seminar on Immigration and Europe (which is organised annually by the Area of Equality and Citizenship and the Migrations Programme of the CIDOB Foundation) pays attention to the different responses that different local administrations around Europe have found in order to manage this global phenomenon.

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