X Seminar on Immigration and Europe. Economic Crisis and Management of Migration and Diversity by Local Authorities

November. 06. 2012
09:00 hrs
Edifici Francesca Bonnemaison. C/ Sant Pere més Baix, 7, Barcelona
Organised by:
Fundació ACSAR, CIDOB and Diputació de Barcelona, with the support of Generalitat de Catalunya and Ajuntament de Barcelona

The persistent economic and financial crisis is resulting in a significant impact on the welfare state and on the labour market. The immigrant population is one of the most affected groups by this situation. In this framework the Seminar, entitled "Economic Crisis and Management of Migration and Diversity by Local Authorities", seeks, first, to know the situation faced by local authorities and organizations within this context and, second, to explore new ways of action.

The event will be attended by a representative of the European Commission as well as a major European third sector organization in order to present the possibilities opened up by the municipalities in the context of Europe. This conference will be followed by a panel on the impact of the crisis on migration management in the local. The final panel will seek to introduce innovative actions from the private sector which local authorities and organizations may apply in their actions.

Working languages: Catalan, English and Spanish, with interpretation.

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