Diego López Garrido lecture: Spain's policy in the light of the challenges facing the European Union

July. 15. 2008
08:30 hrs
Jordi Maragall Hall. CIDOB Foundation. C/ Elisabets 12. 08001 Barcelona
Organised by:
Europe Programme of the CIDOB Foundation and the Consell Català del Moviment Europeu

European lunch

At its last summit, the European Union agreed to continue with the ratification of the Lisbon Treaty, following the Irish "no" vote. Spain - which, together with France and Germany, supported the view that the Treaty should not be delayed, in order to gain time - has been the first country to take up the process once again, with the approval (in the Spanish Congress on 26 June) of the ratification, prior to the vote in the Senate that will be held after the summer. The “New Europe” that will result from the institutional reform will have to face medium-term challenges such as the rising price of oil and food, as well as permanent challenges such as immigration, security and climate change. With respect to Spain's policy on the Mediterranean - led by the Barcelona Process - the next European summit that will be held in Paris on 13 July, under the presidency of France, will decide the course of the new framework of relations (the Union for the Mediterranean) and will decisively mark the orientation and influence of Spain's foreign policy on the southern edge of Europe.

In order to debate these and other issues, the Consejo Catalán del Movimiento Europeo and the CIDOB Foundation have invited the Secretary of State for the European Union in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation to speak at a European breakfast.

Diego López Garrido is Secretary of State for the European Union in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, after having held the post of Parliamentary Spokesman for the Socialist Party in the previous term of office, between 2006 and 2008. He has alternated his long, productive parliamentary career (which began in 1993) with his academic activity as a jurist in Constitutional Law and an expert in European issues, on which he has published numerous studies. He also participated in the European Convention which drafted the European Constitution project.

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